Twist And Shout! What Happens To The Club With Off Center Hits

I stumbled upon this video recently and was compelled to share it with you. Haven’t we all done this before? I know I can certainly feel it when I strike the ball a little toward the toe or the heel of the club. When that happens, you feel the club head twist a bit and you know it’s not going to be the tee shot you had envisioned when going through your pre-shot routine.  The shouting begins when you start attempting to coax the ball into or out of some undesirable location (some undesirable locations are better than others!) There is nothing like the feeling of a ball struck in the middle of the club face where the center of gravity  or COG is located. The old saying, “hitting it on the screws” was referring to the COG in the bygone era of the persimmon driver! There were screws in the face of the club that not only framed the center of the face but held the insert in place.  If you struck the ball exactly in the middle, right in the screws, the feeling was sublime! And today, with all the new technology, increased club head size and the forgiveness factor, the feeling of a ball struck on the center of the face is, well still the same…sublime!  As you watch the video, you will see very clearly that off-center hits rotate the club face. The good news is that face design on the driver helps correct ball flight caused by gear effect and brings the ball back in play when the “slightly” off-center strike occurs. I often refer to that type of shot as a functional AND findable miss..the best kind in my opinion! After all, golf is a game of hit the ball, find the ball and hit it again…now repeat until you hear the ball fall in to the cup! And the ball falling into the cup, now that’s the best sound in the world…don’t you agree? Enjoy!



About Cathy

I am an LPGA Class A teaching professional with more than 20 years of experience. I've recently been selected as a Golf Channel Academy Coach. I have been listed as one of the best teachers in the country by Golf for Women Magazine, best teacher in state by Golf Digest and been nominated to the prestigious Top 100 Teacher list by Golf Digest. I offer whole game improvement plans and strategies that will help you achieve your goals. Whether you have a single digit handicap or you are just a beginner, I will help guide you to your success by creating a learning environment that is completely unique to you! I am one of only 30 people in the country certified by the Golf Coaches Association. I use V1, FlightScope and Boditrak technology.
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