GOLF TIP – Create Your Own Pre-Shot Routine

A Pre-Shot Routine to set the stage for success.

How do you become more present when there are distractions everywhere? How do you calm the nerves? The Pre-Shot Routine provides the foundation for success and better shot making every time. Here’s a simple routine that you can do before each shot.

Find Your Target – stand behind the ball and while looking at your target, create an imaginary line that runs from your target through the ball. Select a spot on the ground within two feet of the ball that is on your target line. This becomes your intermediate target.

Get Into Your Stance – Set up to the ball and get in a balanced athletic position. Aim your clubface at your intermediate target.

Reconnect to Target – Once you’re comfortable, take a look at your target again to reconnect to it.

Swing – Take a nice deep breath..inhale then exhale then swing.

This is just a framework for your routine…the key word here is YOUR…make it your own routine. If you want to waggle the club, then give it a waggle, whatever you do, do it the same way each time for consistency. The Pre-Shot Routine is one of the most important components of a successful shot!

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