GOLF TIP – Pick A Very Specific Target For Each Shot

Target, Target, Target!

Have you ever found yourself standing on the tee box, looking out into the fairway and uttering to yourself, “I just want it to stay in the fairway.” Or maybe you make the statement, “I just hope it STAYS in the fairway!” If you’ve ever done either of those things, you’ve actually increased your chance of the ball NOT staying in the fairway. In order to improve the direction with which your ball will travel, you want to improve your target focus. In this example, we are going to assume that your pre-shot routine is in tact and you tend to set up with your body parallel to the target line. So how do you establish a good target line? Pick a specific target off the tee. It could be something in the fairway or off in the distance that lines up to the spot where you want the ball to end up. Whatever it is, make it skinny and small rather than wide and big. The focus on something small and thin will reduce your spray pattern off the tee because you are narrowing your margin of error by focusing on something specific. Try this the next time you tee off and see how it effects the outcome…and remember to connect to your target before you make your swing. One last look, tell yourself that the ball is going exactly there…and swing! This approach will improve your end result and keep more balls in the fairway!


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