GOLF TIP – Glove or No Glove…That is the Question

Glove or No Glove?

Many people like to wear a glove to give them a better grip on the club. It provides a bit more traction and tacky feel. It is a personal preference thing in the end. Some folks swear by them while others wouldn’t put one on if their life depended on it. When you watch golf on TV, you often see the pros wear their glove while making a full swing and then take their glove off when they putt. They want the traction for the full swing as there is more force on the club and hands when swinging. Then, they remove the glove because they want a better sense of feel and connection with the putter when putting.  At the end of the day, it’s worth trying it both ways…you’ll know pretty quickly which you prefer.   And while on the subject of gloves, those should also be checked at the start of the season. They tend to wear out over time and it’s best to have a couple of new pair to start the season off right. Plus, having a few extra gloves in the bag is always a bonus when a passing shower moves through (hardly happens here in New England, we have NorEasters instead!) How about rain gloves you ask? They really work but the trick is they have to be wet to be tacky! So give a glove a try if you haven’t already and see if it feels right for you!

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