GOLF TIP – Good Alignment Equals Better Everything

Set Up for Success!
 So it is all about alignment! Really it is! There’s a list of things that could go wrong if you’re not correctly aligned…here are a few.

If you’re not pointed in the right direction, the ball won’t go where you want it to go.Your swing plane could be off. Your path could be out to in or in to out. You could make adjustments in the middle of your swing to correct for misalignment (this one could be subconscious!) Your balance through the swing could be off. Striking the ball in the middle of the clubface is more challenging. The list goes on and on.

So how do you work on alignment? Lay clubs down on the ground when you practice at the range.

First club – lay the club on the ground and point it to your target. This is your target line.
Second Club – lay it a foot or so away from the first one and be sure they are running parallel to one another. A set of railroad tracks are the perfect image here.

Once they are set, remove the one that is on the target line.
Now set up with your feet somewhere close to the club that remains on the ground and be sure that they are parallel to it.
Place your ball on the ground where your original club once rested, and set up  to the ball and swing.
If your ball goes elsewhere, just stick to it. It could be that you’ve been misaligned and you need a few swings for the body to recalibrate on the correct target line.
Before too long, you should start to see the ball go to your intended target.
Work on this and your swing will surely get better and more efficient.

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