GAME IMPROVEMENT TOOL – Discover YOUR Golf Temperament

Understanding YOUR Golf Temperament

We’ve all heard the saying, ” the toughest 6 inches in golf is right between the ears.”  Or maybe you’ve heard, “golf is 90% mental and 10% well…..mental.”  There is something to be said about the mental side of the game, but it’s not as simple as just “think good thoughts” and all will right with the world. In order to play your best golf, you do need to have some sound swing fundamentals in place and hopefully, a plan for continued game improvement based on your physical capabilities.   But what about the mental side of the game? How do you get a better understanding of that?

One of the best tools I’ve discovered for a better understanding of your golf temperament, learning style and the like, is The Mental Golf Profile. It is a report that is created based on the DISC Profile model, which is perhaps the most popular profile used worldwide for helping people reach higher levels of performance.

The online process asks players a series of questions that help determine a player’s attitudes and behaviors. The profile then goes a step further by helping players understand how to use and modify these tendencies to gain a mental advantage.

Your personalized profile will detail your mental tendencies in these six key areas of the game:

  • Golf Temperament
  • Pre-round Preparation
  • Mental Tendencies over the Ball
  • Course Management Tendencies
  • Learning Style & Working with Instructors
  • Golf Fitness Mental Tendencies

Click Here to visit my Take The Profile Page and find out a bit more about how this could help you improve!

The fee for the Mental Golf Profile is $75.00 and all major credit cards are accepted


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