The Best Comment Of The Solheim Cup Comes From The 17 Year Old Rookie


I Love watching the Solheim Cup.  Like the men’s counterpart, The Ryder Cup, it’s the ultimate team event for women’s golf.  It has an energy and a vibe all its own. Teamwork, camaraderie, cheering and more cheering is the theme of the weekend. It takes two years for the teams to formulate. The captains strategize and plan, make their “captain’s picks”, set the matches and then it’s game on! Three days of long drives, missed putts, balls in yucca plants, balls slithering into hazards, putts rolling just off the long and undulating greens and of course a brief and untimely lightning  bolt or two. In the end however, the putting was awesome on the Euro side. They made putt after putt after long and winding putt!  We all know golf is golf and some days, putts just fall in or balls heading straight for the woods bounce of trees and come to rest in the middle of the fairway. Of course there are the days when the opposite is true, but that is the game of golf.

So what is the best takeaway from this bi-annual event? I think it comes from a statement made by the 17-year-old rookie sensation Charley Hull.  What did she say when asked about nerves during her stellar play?   “I didn’t really feel that nervous, to be honest,” said Hull.   “Because this is how I always look at golf — I’m not going to die if I miss it. Just hit it, and find it, and hit it again.”

Just hit it, and find it, and hit it again. So simple and yet so true.  The next time you go out to play, channel the sage advise of the 17-year-old. You might enjoy your round in a way you’ve never enjoyed it before!


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2 Responses to The Best Comment Of The Solheim Cup Comes From The 17 Year Old Rookie

  1. C. Baker says:

    So glad you blogged about Charlie Hull’s comment! It stuck in my mind as well. I think amateurs, like me, should have the mantra “Hit it, Find it, and Hit it again” — it will be mine!

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